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Active Support Education is an Ofsted registered Independent Special School in Luton. We provide full and part time short term, medium-term and long term education to learners aged 9 to 16 years old. Our latest OFSTED report is available on our website.

The aim is to provide a flexible response to the needs of the school and learners by offering a personalised curriculum for each learner to help overcome difficulties and reach their full potential. With our high staff ratios we can offer anything from 2:1 staff to learner support up to 1:6 support.

Our curriculum is relevant and based on developing a full range of important “life Skills” as well as a full range of nationally recognised qualifications including GCSE’s.

I’ve been coming to Active Support for over a year now, the teachers have really been supportive. They help me a lot, I enjoy the activities and I have achieved my tasks and I have completed my sports leadership award which will help me to get into college.

-Young Person

OUR Therapeutic Inclusion Unit

Our Therapeutic Inclusion Unit caters for young people who have been unable to thrive within mainstream school, due to their complex social and emotional needs.

We aim to provide a holistic therapeutic learning environment for young people with complex needs to enable them to develop skills, qualifications and aspirations.

Our team works together to enable learners to feel able to express their interests and motivations. We encourage a greater awareness of self, strengthening connections within themselves and with others. We aim to build resilience and flexibility for improved wellbeing, supporting sustainable change.


All learners are allocated a keyworker who is a member of the staff during their induction period who will provide a weekly report for the school and the parent/carers to help monitor progress.

Active Support also has a bespoke wellbeing monitoring system that can identify “soft skills” areas where individuals need additional help. This may include social skills, resilience, communication and language. The system helps to track progress made in these areas and can be used to report at education and health care plan reviews.
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“The core features enable each young person to become more connected with themselves, their family, their community and their learning by developing their strength, flexibility and resilience for a balanced and positive future.

It is ideal for learners who have:

  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • ASD or aspergers
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety
  • Suffered from Trauma
  • Complex presenting needs.
  • We work with learners who may display the following behaviours:
  • withdrawn, depressed, isolated
  • Vulnerable
  • Difficulty socialising and working in groups
  • Unable to manage strong emotions appropriately that leads to anti-social behaviour
  • Overwhelming anxiety

We work with the family network through regular communication with home. We aim to reflect each families background and diversity through our personalised projects and community discussions. We support parents/carers by signposting local services and work with other agencies to achieve the best outcomes for our learners.

Transition Process

Our focus is to support learners back into mainstream provision. We believe every learner with us is in an transition period. During this period our team develop strategies to inspire, motivate and generate positive attitudes towards education within the learner.

We encourage schools to visit our provision with learners in order to develop a personalised learning programme that meets the needs of the learner.

Our aim is to support our learners to make small changes that will lead to making a big difference in their lives.


Primary Unit

Our exciting new Primary Unit offers early intervention for young learners who need vital support to help them with their transition into secondary education.
Interview / Visit
Taster Sessions
Target Setting
Action Plans
Monitoring and Evaluation
Mainstream Education

Referral & Induction Process

The Referral & Induction Process

A referral is received from the school and/or the Local Authority with the interest of sending a pupil, which includes a request for a specific programme at Active Support. This could be a full time placement, a dual placement or a part time placement.

Initial Interview

If the pupil and parents agree to all the conditions, and are happy for the pupil to start on our programme, we then arrange a start date. On arrival each pupils is given a key worker which they will be allocated to for support, monitoring and evaluating during their time at Active Support.


This involves a member of staff from the school or LEA, the pupil and the parents/carers. We discuss the programme and the nature of the provision, what to expect from us, what we expect from the pupil, and sign a contract to outline the type of support that will be offered.


We carry out online literacy and numeracy assessments in order for us to ensure we offer the appropriate level of education. A lot of the time the school will usually provide this information, however we still carry out our own assessments. Some of these will be based around tutor observations and how students interact with their peers and the staff. We ensure progress is tracked through BKSB assessments and our own online tracking register.

Timetable Allocation

All theory sessions are delivered in small groups usually 1:4 ratio, but students who require additional numeracy and literacy support are often taught 1:1.


Summer Term 2022
Staff Training Day – Tuesday 19th April 2022
First day of term – Wednesday 20th April 2022
Last day of term – Friday 22nd July 2022

Autumn Term 2022
Staff training day – Thursday 1st September 2022
First day of term – Friday 2nd September 2022
Last day of term – Friday 16th December 2022
Half term – Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October 2022

Spring Term 2023
Staff training day – Tuesday 3rd January 2023
First day of term – Wednesday 4th January 2023
Last day of term – Friday 31st March 2023
Half term – Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February 2023

Summer Term 2023
Staff training day – Monday 17th April 2023
First day of term – Tuesday 18th April 2023
Last day of term – Friday 21st July 2023
Half term – Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June 2023

Pupil Progress Data 2022


Qualification Success Rate100.00% 
 No of entriesAchieved
Not achieved0 
Girls success rate100.00% 
Boys success rate100.00% 


  Total passesTotal entriesMale entriesMale passesFemale entriesFemale passes
GCSE Art & Design  0    
GCSE English Language100.0%666600
GCSE English Literature100.0%222200
GCSE Maths100.0%666600
GCSE Chemistry 000000
GCSE Biology100.0%111100
GCSE Physics100.0%222200
GCSE Combined Science (Double)100.0%333300
GCSE Business Studies100.0%333300
AQA Entry level 1 Science single award 000000
AQA Entry level 2 Science single award100.0%222200
AQA Entry level 3 Science single award 000000
Sports Leaders level 1100.0%1010101000
Sports Leaders level 2100.0%111100
FS English stand alones       
FS English stand alones L1100.0%111100
FS English stand alone EL1100.0%444400
FS English stand alone EL2100.0%13139944
FS English stand alone EL3100.0%773344
FS English Full award 000000
English ESOL 000000
FS Maths stand alones       
FS Maths stand alones Level 1100.0%554411
FS Maths stand alone EL1100.0%666600
FS Maths stand alone EL2100.0%888800
FS Maths stand alone EL3100.0%10109911
FS Maths full award 000000
FS ICT Level 1 000000
FS ICT entry level 3100.0%333300
Beauty Therapy Nail Art level 1100.0%300033
Beauty Therapy Make up Level 1       
Beauty Therapy General Level 1 certificate       
Hospitality entry level 3100.0%100011
Hospitality level 1100.0%000000
Construction award E3100.0%666600
Prince's Trust Award E2       
Prince's Trust Award E3100.0%553322
Prince's Trust Award L1100.0%442222
Prince's Trust Award L2       
Art Award - Explore100.0%222200
Art Award - Discovery100.0%553322
SVQ Healthy Living level 1 award       
SVQ Equality & Diversity level 1 award       
SVQ Internet Safety level 1 award       
SVQ Food Safety level 2 award       

 Delivered through the AQA unit award scheme